Vojislav V. Mitic


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Academic carreer

  • Selected as Full Professor in 2006 at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Nis, field of Microelectronics, Electronic materials
  • Received his PhD in 1995 at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Nis, in the field of Microelectronics, electronic materials
  • Specialization in 1995, Spec. course in the field of Stereology of materials organized by ISS Portugal-Curia, Stereology of materials
  • Received his master's degree in 1990 at the Center for Multidisciplinary Studies, University of Belgrade, in the field of Materials Science
  • Graduated in 1979 at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Nis, in the field of Microelectronics, electronic materials

Selected references

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  • V. Mitic, V.Pavlovic, B.Jordovic, The influence of MnCo3 on microstructure and dielectric properties of BatiO3 ceramics, Science of sintering: Current problems and new trends, International institute for the science of sintering 421-427 (2003)
  • N. Labus, N. Obradović, T. Srećković, V. Mitić and M.M. Ristić, ''Influence of Mechanical Activation on Synthesis of Zinc Metatitanate'', Science of Sintering, Vol. 37, No.2, pp. 115-122, 2005.


  • Total number of scientific papers with IMPACT factor: 10
  • Current involvement in projects National: 1, International: 1
  • Other relevant information: Scientific advisor to ITN SANU, member of the World Academy of Ceramics, member of the American Ceramic Society, Australian Ceramic Society, International Society for Stereology (ISS), Japan Materials Society, Royal Microscope UK, European Society for Microstructural Analysis (EMAS), IEEE, ETRAN, monographs of national importance "Structure and electrical properties of BaTiO3 ceramics", Andrejević Endowment, 2001, member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Belgrade, member of the Serbian-American Chamber of Commerce in Chicago (USA), participated in nearly 50 international scientific congresses, visited over 30 countries around the world, lectures by invitation, KIST, SEOUL (South Korea), Alfred University, NY, USA. Managed the project of consolidation, restructuring and privatization of EI Corporation with the World Bank (IFC). Today he participates in the preparation of a project with National Academies (USA), National Materials Advisory Board), for the integration of industrial and development capacities in Southeast Europe in post-war and crisis countries.

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