The beginning of mathematical courses at the Electronic Department of Technical Faculty in Niš, coincide with its founding in October 1st, 1960. In the initial years, these courses were given by professors and assistants from Belgrade: Dr. Dobrivoje Mihailović, Dr. Đorđe Karapandžić and Petar M. Vasić, MSc. As early as November 1st, 1960, Radosav Ž. Đorđević, MSc, became the first assistant. In 1962 a new assistant, Ljubomir B. Stanković, MSc, was employed. Starting in 1963, Živadin Pantić spent a short time at the Department.
In 1968, the Electronic Department of Technical Faculty developed into the Faculty of Electronic Engineering. From the fall of 1969, the common Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade was formed and headed by Prof. Dr. Dragoslav S. Mitrinović. In the same year, 1969, lecturers of mathematics were Dr. Petar M. Vasić and Dr. Radovan R. Janić from the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. In addition, a new assistant Ivan B. Lacković, MSc, joined the Department.
Two years later, in 1971, Dr. Dobrilo Đ. Tošić arrived at the Department to take over some lectures. Also, two new assistants, Žarko M. Mitrović, MSc, and Gradimir V. Milovanović, MSc, were employed. Starting in 1975, the Department became independent, with a new chairman, Dr. Radosav Ž. Đorđević, assistant professor, who later became the Vice-dean and then the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Vice-rector of the University of Niš.
All the mentioned names gave, apart from teaching, their noticeable contri¬bution in supporting young experts, and establishing criteria and relations inside the academic life of the Faculty and University of Niš. The contribution of professor D. S. Mitrinović is priceless, especially in the initial phase of the development of the Faculty, and later in the process of supporting science novices of high quality, promising new perspectives to the Faculty and the Department. Those novices became carriers of development of the Department of Mathematics which made the Faculty of Electronic Engineering recognizable in the whole former Yugoslavia and abroad as well. Particularly distinguished were the results in applied mathematics, which caused the coining of the term Niš school of applied (numerical) mathematics and Niš school of interval mathematics.
Starting in the academic year 1968/69, throughout the next several years, the following mathematical topics were proposed by the curriculum: Mathematics I (I and II semester with 4+4 lessons per week, Mathematics II (III and IV semester, 4+2), Mathematics III (V and VI semester 2+2).
Nowadays, the number of mathematical courses is increased to fit the specific demands of particular study programs and modules. At the same time, the contents were significantly reduced and primarily freed of the clumsy theoretic background. In this way, the programs were formed to follow the modern trend of comprehensiveness, operative and algorithmic applicability of particular mathematical issues.

Involvement in teaching activities

Department of Mathematics is involved in the realization of teaching activities at Bachelor studies.

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Department of Mathematics is responsible for performing teaching activities at Applied mathematics optional course.

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