Doctoral studies

Study Programme of Doctoral Studies - Electrical Engineering and Computing

Doctoral Studies have 180 ECTS credits at least, with the previously realized studies range of the minimum of 300 ECTS at undergraduate academic studies and graduate academic studies. Doctoral Dissertation is the final part of the Doctoral Studies Study Programme.

At the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš there is organized Study Programme of Doctoral Studies - Electrical Engineering and Computing.

The acquired academic title is Doctor of Science in electrical engineering and computing. The outcome of the process of studying is the ability to independently do scientific and research work, use literature, solve problems, and act creatively to exceed the actual level of knowledge.

The Study Programme of Doctoral Studies corresponds to the load of 180 ECTS. Of that number, 60 ECTS is gained by passing exams in the courses taught, and 120 ECTS by research work related to doctoral dissertation and its elaboration and defence.

The study programme contains 10 optional courses:

Courses that are chosen depending on the optional field that is the narrower scientific field, in turn selected by the student. The faculty offers 10 optional fields comprising courses related to certain fields of Electrical Engineering and Computing. Depending on the number of students who applied, and the optional fields they applied for, teaching is organized per semesters or during the year in the form of block classes. Teaching is conducted during the first two years, while the third year is exclusively for doctoral dissertation elaboration.

Student profiles his/her research interest by choosing courses to study and pass, which contribute to knowledge deepening and understanding of the field (a topic of doctoral dissertation). Courses are taught either in a group or individually (mentorship).

Group classes are conducted if there are five or more students in one course, or if such form of teaching is necessary to organize due to nature (character) of the course.

Doctoral studies last 3 years. During all three years of studies, candidate deals with research work with respect to his/her doctoral dissertation, in that, the last year is exclusively intended for doctoral dissertation.

The topic of doctoral dissertation should be in the scientific field within which the candidate is enrolled.

Doctor of Science in electrical engineering and computing

Acquired title


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