Measurements play a significant role in the development of human society in general, especially in the development of science and technology. In the area of electrotechnics, especially for its practical application, a very significant part are measurements of electrical and non-electrical physical quantities in industrial, electrical power, telecommunications, electromedicine and other systems. In engineering practice measurements are used in order to confirm the basic characteristics of the electrotechnical materials, to verify the quality level of the final products, to investigate the functionality of electrical installations and to provide reliable and accurate information about accuracy, reliability and safety of the applied device and instruments.
The Department of Measurement at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš was established shortly after the official faculty establishment in November 1968. The founder of this Department was professor Bogosav Kovačević with his assistants.
Teaching activities and courses that are performed at the Department of Measurement at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš, give theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the realization, testing, practical application and maintenance of modern instrumentation for measurement of electrical and non-electrical quantities. Besides that, quality teaching according to the modern trends of science and technology development, with practical laboratory education of students at basic and doctoral studies, provide knowledge from the areas of the design and realization of complete measurement and information systems, based on using fast computers and modern communication technologies. As a result of this, graduate and Ph.D. students with appropriate education in the area of measurement, have good possibilities of choosing future employment and further professional improvement.
Since its establishment the Department of Measurement has been dealing with scientific metrology and the development of the measurement methods in a number of areas: Measurement of time and frequency, Measurement of position and angular velocity, Research in the area of telemetry, Measurement of non-electrical quantities, Industrial measurement and systems, Area of processing and distribution of measurement signals. From this continuous scientific and practical activity there developed many original measurement systems and devices, implemented in a number of domestic and foreign facilities.
In the past years, professors and assistants at the Department of Measurement published a large number of scientific and technical papers, in domestic and international journals and conferences. So far there have been published: the total number of scientific and technical papers is 520, the total number of textbooks and supplementary textbooks is 15. Besides that, one monograph was published, while the department professors and assistants are involved in the realization of 6 national scientific projects.

Involvement in teaching activities

Department of Measurement is involved in the realization of teaching activities at Bachelor studies.

Department of Measurement is involved in the realization of teaching activities at Master academic studies.

Department of Measurement is responsible for performing teaching activities at Metrology and measurement technique optional course.


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