In the first years of the existence of the Electronic Department at the Technical Faculty, the Department of Electronic Components and the Department of Technology and Materials were formed. At the beginning of the seventies, the name was changed to the Department of Electronic Components and Materials, later on to the Department of Microelectronics and Electronic Components, and in the early nineties, the Department of Microelectronics was formed. The Department of Microelectronics has first organized postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, by uniting professors and research associates from the University of Ljubljana, the Jožef Štefan Institute and the Vinča Institute. The first master's thesis at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Nis was defended at this department. Since 1984. the Department of Microelectronics is the holder of the Module of Microelectronics. After the most recent corrections of teaching curriculum and accreditation of the study program in the field of electrical engineering and computer science, the module changed its name to Electronic components and Microsystems, which is fully compatible with similar fields at leading European universities in terms of program contents. The Department of Microelectronics, as the holder of this module, has an exceptional staff (a large number of teachers and assistants are well known and recognized in the world) and modern equipment for teaching according to the European standards. Theoretical and practical knowledge mastered by engineers in this field enables them to design and implement analog and digital electronic systems for application in computer science, telecommunications, automation and robotics, industrial electronics, etc. A large number of students who graduated from our department work very successfully at institutes and universities abroad, and the Faculty of Electronic Engineering has excellent cooperation with them.

The Department of Microelectronics continues to develop and strives to follow current trends in the world in teaching and scientific research. Professors and assistants are especially engaged in modeling the profile of knowledge that would enable students to get a job faster after completing their undergraduate studies. Cooperation with universities abroad, as well as with the domestic economy, is increasing in the scientific research work.

Involvement in teaching activities


Department of Microelectronics is responsible for performing teaching activities at the module of Electronic Components and Microsystems.


Department of Microelectronics is responsible for performing teaching activities at the study program of Electronics and Microsystems.


Department of Microelectronics is responsible for performing teaching activities at the fields of studies of Nanotechnologies and Microsystems and Applied Physics.


Laboratory for Modeling and Simulation of Microcomponents and Microsystems – MICROSIM
  • Name: Laboratory for Modeling and Simulation of Microcomponents and Microsystems – MICROSIM
  • Address: Aleksandra Medvedeva 14, 18000 Nis
  • Contact person: Dr. Dragan Pantic, professor
  • Total number of employees and collaborators: The laboratory is actively maintained by 2 teachers (with the title of full professors), and in teaching and research it is used by a large number of assistants (with the title of doctor and master of technical sciences) from the Department of Microelectronics.
  • Telephone: 018/529-337
  • Website: http://microsim.elfak.ni.ac.rs/
  • E-mail: dragan.pantic@elfak.ni.ac.rs

Current teachers and associates

Danijel Dankovic
Full Professor
PhD Danijel Dankovic
Emilija Zivanovic
Associate Professor
PhD Emilija Zivanovic
Milos Marjanovic
Assistant Professor
PhD Milos Marjanovic
Sandra Veljkovic
Teaching Assistant
M.Sc.E.E. Sandra Veljkovic
Dragan Pantic
Full Professor
PhD Dragan Pantic
Vesna Paunovic
Associate Professor
PhD Vesna Paunovic
Zoran Prijic
Full Professor
PhD Zoran Prijic
Milic Pejovic
Associate Professor
PhD Milic Pejovic
Milan Stojanovic
Teaching Assistant
M.Sc.E.E. Milan Stojanovic
Goran Ristic
Full Professor
PhD Goran Ristic
Ljubomir Vracar
Associate Professor
PhD Ljubomir Vracar
Jana Vracar
Teaching Assistant
M.Sc.E.E. Jana Vracar
Ivica Manic
Full Professor
PhD Ivica Manic
Vojkan Davidovic
Assistant Professor
PhD Vojkan Davidovic
Nikola Mitrovic
Teaching Assistant
M.Sc.E.E. Nikola Mitrovic
Aneta Prijic
Full Professor
PhD Aneta Prijic
Sanja Aleksic
Assistant Professor
PhD Sanja Aleksic
Neda Brankovic
Teaching Assistant
M.Sc.E.E. Neda Brankovic


Address: Aleksandra Medvedeva 14. 18104 Niš, Serbia
Phone: +381 (18) 529-105
Fax: +381 (18) 588-399
E-mail: efinfo@elfak.ni.ac.rs