Computing Science and Informatics

Bachelor studies

Computing Science and Informatics module comprises fields related to general and specific knowledge in computer engineering and information technology. Students are offered content related to processes of analysis, development, design, and maintenance of complex computer systems. Special attention is given to the development of good quality software with the use of contemporary techniques and methods for software development, computer system security, information system design, as well as topics related to data engineering.

The goal of module Computing Science and Informatics is to ensure student's competency for analysis, development, design, and maintenance of complex computer systems, as well as their participation in software projects. Concretely, the goals of this module are related to gaining knowledge oriented to the application of a wide spectrum of information technologies, with which students will be able to design high-quality system and applicative software by using modern software design techniques and methods. Students are trained to develop software in a systematic way, by using a good theoretical basis, using modern methods in programming, and to efficiently use computer systems infrastructure. They acquire key knowledge in the field of software engineering, computer system security, data engineering, and design of information systems using modern information technologies.


The first year of Bachelor Studies at the Faculty of Electronics in Nis is common to all modules. The list of all courses in the first year of studies (first and second semester) can be found on the Basic Academic Studies page.

The module differentiation starts from the second year of study (third semester). The list of all courses on the Computing Science and Informatics module, as well as a brief description of each of the course, can be found below:

2. year

III Semester

Elective Block RA (6 ECTS minimum)

IV Semester

Elective Block MP (6 ECTS minimum)

3. year

V Semester

Elective Block RB (5 ECTS minimum)

VI Semester

Elective Block RC (15 ECTS minimum)

4. year

VII Semester

Elective Block RD (15 ECTS minimum)

VIII Semester

Elective Block PE (10 ECTS minimum)
Elective Block DP (3 ECTS minimum)


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