Master academic studies

Master Academic Studies

Master Academic Studies at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering last one year and they total in 60 ECTS credits. The total number of credits necessary for acquiring the academic title Master engineer in Electrical and Computer Engineering for Electrical Power Engineering is 300 ECTS credits. ggg The condition for enrollment in this Study Programme implies finished basic academic studies with, at least, 240 ECTS credits, earned in the basic academic studies in the field of electrical and computer engineering.

The teaching process is conducted through lectures, exercises, and research work. During lectures, a professor verbally presents the prescribed matter, with the aid of computer and modern video projection equipment, with necessary explanations, contributing to better understanding of the matter concerned. In exercises, following the lectures, concrete tasks are being solved, and examples, additionally illustrating the subject matter, are presented.

Exercises may be auditory, computer or laboratory based. Within the independent research work, the student additionally engages himself/herself through seminar paper elaboration or a project. On this study level, the teaching process is conducted in smaller groups where it is possible to pay more attention to each individual student.

During the teaching process, each student’s activity is followed and valuated conformant with the rules adopted on the Faculty level for every course, and students are informed in advance about these. Every course has a corresponding number of ECTS credits, and the entire studies are considered as finished, when the student fulfills all obligations prescribed by the Study Programme and gains, in that way 60 ECTS credits, at least.

After finishing all exams obligations, the student starts elaborating master thesis, which totals in 15 ECTS credits.


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