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Half a century of existence, continuous lasting and permanent development is an anniversary deserving respect and worthy of remembering.

From the distant 1960 till today, the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš has become one huge family of students, professors, associates, researchers and non teaching staff.

In that very beginning the idea for the establishing of this faculty got realised thanks to the enthusiasm and efforts of the businessmen and outstanding professors and scientists from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade.

Today, the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš is proudly celebrating half a century of existence and successful work.

As any other family who in their festive occasions happily remember significant moments, so shall we here at the beginning turn to the time that made us what we are today.

At the end of fifties of the last century there was one engineer in 55 employed in electro industry. According to the development plan of this economy branch in 1961 and 1962 there were 45000 people to be employed, and in 1971 those were 80.000 workers. At that time engineers were educated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade.

With its geographical position and size, developed industry and a wide network of infrastructure, Niš was eligible to become a university centre.

Therefore, within the University of Belgrade, three faculties were established in Niš: the Faculty of Medicine, of Law and Economy, and Technical Faculty (with the Departments of Machine Engineering, Architecture, Civil Engineering and Electronics).

In the school year of 1960/16 the first generation of students of the department of Electronics of the Technical Faculty of Niš was enrolled.

From the moment when the first graduated student Aleksandar (Antonije) Nenčić defended his diploma paper till today, 5.509 candidates obtained diplomas of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš, 516 defended master theses, and 187 candidates defended doctor theses. Prof. Dr. Dragan Mančić Dean of the Faculty
At the end of the 50s of the XX century in Serbia there grew the needs for the human resources with the high school education. Namely, in 1958 at 55 employees in electrical industry there was one engineer, and by the perspective developmental plan of electrical industry in Yugoslavia, it was predicted to employ 45000 in 1960 and 1961, and 80000 workers in 197. Concerning the fact that in the NR of Serbia at that time the engineering of low currents were educated only at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade it was decided to form other university centers. City of Niš, as one of the biggest centers in the Republic of Serbia, with the developed industry and wide network of various cultural, educational, medical and other institutions, had an excellent possibility of establishing a faculty and university. Therefore, the Executive Council of NR Serbia on 18th May, 1960, came up with a decision to establish three faculties in Niš: the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Law and Economics and the Technical Faculty, all within the University of Belgrade.
On 1st October 1960, the work of the Technical Faculty in Niš officially began. It comprised: the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Civil Engineering, the Department of Architecture and the Department of Electronics. The Electronics Department was established with the significant support of Zavod RR (now the Electronic Industry in Niš) headed by the director Vladimir Jasić, who together with Dr. Dušan Mitrović, professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade greatly assisted the founding of this department. For the needs of the Department of Electronics Zavodi RR within their factories assigned one part of their building. That year 129 full-time students and 134 part-time students were enrolled. The first teachers were mostly part-time professors of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, and the first full-time teacher at the Department of Electronics was elected only in June 1961.
Soon after the establishment of the Department of electronics the necessary instruments were acquired and the models for demonstration and laboratory practice were made. The multi-level education meant that the vocational subjects were moved into the earlier years of studies. The library of the Department of Electronics was established as an external part of the Technical Faculty Library. When the building of the Technical building was completed in 1964 the students of the first years attended the lectures and practice work in the new premises of the Technical Faculty.
The Electronics Department of the Technical Faculty in Niš grew into the Faculty of Electronic Engineering. In October 1968 the Council of University in Niš formed the Scientific Commission for the establishing of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš. The members of the Scientific Commission were: Dr. Tihomir Aleksić, Vice-rector of the University of Niš, Dr. Branko Raković, full professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, Dr. Momčilo Ristić, associate professor at the Technical Faculty in Niš, Dr. Jovan Surutka, associate professor of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade and Dr. Jovan Petrić, associate professor of the Technical Faculty in Niš. It should be stressed that the mentioned members of the Scientific Commission later became the teaching staff of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, either as full-time or part-time teachers. They significantly assisted the development of the Faculty by forming and improving their own human resources and by developing scientific and research work. The Scientific Commission successfully completed all preparations for work, so in the school year of 1968/69 the Faculty of Electronic Engineering started to work as an independent faculty.
The Faculty of Electronic Engineering was officially founded on 23rd November, 1968, when the General Assembly of the SR Serbia enacted the Law on the Establishing of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš. In the 1968/69 school year, 269 full-time and 27 part-time students were enrolled. They attended the lectures and practice work in the building of the Technical Faculty.
The first full-time teachers and associates of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering were elected on 1st April, 1969. They were: Tihomir Aleksić, full professor, Sava Aćimović, associate professor, Bogosav Kovačević, associate professor, Petar Madić, associate professor, Jovan Petrić, associate professor, Aleksandar Vorgučić, assistant professor, Ilija Hadžinešić, assistant professor, Slobodan Lazović, assistant professor, Dragutin Veličković, teaching assistant, Božidar Đurić, teaching assistant, Branimir Đorđević, teaching assistant, Lazar Đorđević, teaching assistant, Milan Jevtić, teaching assistant, Dragiša Krstić, teaching assistant, Jelena Lazović, teaching assistant and Radmila Petković, teaching assistant.
With the help of the Electronic Industry and High School Education Council, in 1972 the laboratories were built for the needs of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering as an appendix of the Technical Faculty. In 1971 the electronic computing center began to work. It had IBM 1130 computer that was also used for the scientific and research work of the teachers and associates and for the students practice. For the occasion of the Day of the Faculty on 23rd November, 1983 a new computer center was opened. It had a DPS 6/92 system of the EI-Honeywell which was acquired with the help of the City of Niš and the EI-Niš.
A significant date in the history of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering surely is 24th June, 1982, the day of the opening of the new faculty building with four amphitheaters, 40 classrooms, 30 laboratories, computer center, foreign language classroom, library, contemporary measurement and computing equipment for teaching and scientific research, students club, etc.
The scientific and research work at the Faculty constantly developed. It is proved by the huge number of the published works of the teachers and associates, realized projects, contracts with economy sector, the courses of knowledge upgrading, etc. Being well equipped and having experts for the teaching staff, the Faculty managed to realize a large number of diverse scientific and developing projects for the industry sector. Also, the Faculty organized many international scientific conferences that gained significant recognition at the hierarchy of international scientific meetings.
Nowadays, the Faculty of Electronic Engineering represents an outstanding educational, scientific and research organization and institution of particular social interest that successfully follows the development of electrical engineering and information and communication technologies worldwide. It also represents the foundation for modern economy within the technological development of the Republic of Serbia in the 21st century.

The study programs of professional, bachelor, master and doctoral studies that are realized at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering are adopted in accordance with the procedure established by the Law on High Education, the University of Niš Statute and the Faculty Statute.

According to the needs, i.e. according the decision of the Serbian Government on number of students, human and space resources, the Faculty of Electronic Engineering enrolls up to 540 students for the first degree studies, 352 students for second degree studies, and up to 100 students for third degree studies. The success of studying is regularly monitored by the teachers and associates, the departments and through analysis at the end of each semester by the Teaching and Scientific Council and the Faculty management.

The diploma of the Faculty is acknowledged worldwide. The level of knowledge obtained allows the students to continue specialization and successful professional careers. This testifies best to the competencies of the graduated students, masters and doctors, of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš.

During the election and employment procedure for teachers and associates, the Faculty strictly follows the standards on conditions and criteria for election established by the Law on High Education, University of Niš Statute, Faculty Statute and other general regulations. This guaranties that all teachers and associates are qualified to teach at all level of studies within the Faculty, and many of them also have competencies to be mentors for doctoral studies. Some of the teachers were visiting professors at recognized international universities, and some of them are corresponding members of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, members of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers, scientific and professional national and international associations.

Teachers and associates of the Faculty, beside teaching activities, are actively involved in implementation of scientific and research work through participation within many scientific and research projects financed by the Ministry of Education and Science, international funds, commercial and non-commercial institutions and organizations. Faculty teachers are members of professional teams and expert groups and commissions established by the state bodies and international scientific organizations.

The Faculty has 94 non-teaching employees, who perform activities and work tasks within the Faculty Secretariat, Computer and Information Center, Library and the Center for Scientific and Research Work. Non-teaching staff is qualified and competent for successful quality support to the realization of study programs, scientific and research work and other activities of the Faculty.

Since its establishment, the Faculty has provided access to information on its work. In the era of modern technologies, the complete transparency of the Faculty work is provided. The Faculty publishes the Information Booklet for future students during the enrollment of every new generation of students. The Students Parliament of the Faculty publishes the magazine called "ELEF" that also provides necessary information for students.

The Faculty website www.elfak.ni.ac.rs provides access to all information related to work, organization and management of the Faculty for its employees, students and all interested parties. This website has all accessible data relevant for the work of the Faculty: organization, management, general regulations, study programs, information on sessions of management and professional bodies, information on work of Students Parliament, present activities, etc.

Every year before the enrollment of new generation of students, the Faculty organizes the campaign where the Faculty is presented in majority of high schools in the country so the future students have the possibility to obtain information first hand with eligibility criteria and study conditions at the Faculty.

The Faculty also organizes educational fairs, where the public can be informed on study conditions not only at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, but also at other faculties, which use this opportunity to represent the institution in this way and enable future students to choose the most appropriate vocation in accordance with their interests.


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