Electronic Devices and Microsystems

Bachelor studies

The objective of the Study Programme Electrical Engineering and Computing is education of engineers, competent to solve various requests and problems in industry, in the fields of electrical engineering and computer science. Students acquire fundamental knowledge, necessary for continuation of their schooling in master and doctoral studies, but also applicative knowledge and skills, ensuring their inclusion in manufacturing process.
The objective of the Module Electronic Devices and Microsystems is acquiring knowledge, necessary for design, fabrication and application of microelectronic components, design and characterization of materials used in electronic engineering, as well as quality control procedures and methods and electronic components and microsystems reliability determination.


The first year of Bachelor Studies at the Faculty of Electronics in Nis is common to all modules. The list of all courses in the first year of studies (first and second semester) can be found on the Basic Academic Studies page.

The module differentiation starts from the second year of study (third semester). The list of all courses on the Electronic Devices and Microsystems module, as well as a brief description of each of the course, can be found below:


III semester

IV semester

Elective Block EKM1 (12 ECTS minimum)


V semester

Elective Block EKM2 (10 ECTS minimum)

VI semester

Elective Block EKM3 (10 ECTS minimum)


VII semester

Elective Block EKM4 (10 ECTS minimum)
Elective Block EKM5 (3 ECTS minimum)

VIII semester

Elective Block EKM6 (10 ECTS minimum)
Elective Block EKM7 (4 ECTS minimum)


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