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Red Hat Academy

Red Hat Academy provides a curriculum to help education institutions keep pace with the demands of the industry. The curriculum involves hands-on instruction across the platform, middleware, and cloud technologies built with input from Red Hat development, support, and field consulting teams. Unlike a generic distribution-agnostic Linux® curriculum, Red Hat’s curriculum is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the leading enterprise Linux platform. Rather than learning theoretical skills, students learn practical skills based on use cases from thousands of enterprise implementations.

There is no cost for the membership with easy online program enrolment. The courses are flexible and hands-on including Linux and emerging technologies (Cloud and Middleware). Students combine theory and practice based on what they need in real life.

RHA Overview:
  • Free and unlimited access to all curriculum and content through the Red Hat Academy Portal.
  • Academic material includes Multiple student courseware formats that include e-book or printed (with a reduced price), and HTML (free of charge). The content gets constantly updated to ensure students are industry ready upon graduation.
  • Labs are hands-on and can run on in-house infrastructure (FREE). Cloud labs for the containers, OpenShift courses are FREE.
  • Students will receive a course completion certificate and 50% discount on official Red Hat exams upon completion of the courses.
  • Courses include task-focused activities, lab-based knowledge checks, performance aids, exercise reinforcements, and facilitate discussions.
  • Flexibility to select the courses and chapters you wish to start learning.

The courses with FREE content we offer to our Red Hat Academies (the content is the same as the one we offer to professionals). Students of a partnered institution of Red Hat Academy are able to get trained for free in the following Red Hat official courses that are currently offered through the Red Hat Training portfolio.

Red Hat System Administration I (RH124)

Red Hat System Administration II (RH134)

Red Hat System Administration III: Linux Automation (RH294)

Red Hat OpenStack Administration I (CL110)

Introduction to OpenShift Applications (DO101)

Introduction to Containers, Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift (DO180)

Red Hat Application Development I: Programming in Java EE (AD183)

“Most higher education institutions seek to prepare their graduates to be ‘work-ready,’ so it is no surprise that many of them have incorporated Linux-related content into their curriculum. But building these courses to match the expectations of enterprises, updating them as technology evolves, and supporting them with hands-on labs and exercises can be complex, difficult, and costly. This is why we created Red Hat Academy.”

KEN GOETZ, Global Vice President Red Hat Training and Certification


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